Peace Through Music”

Aaron began showing his love for the guitar at the age of seven. His axe was a plastic disco dance guitar. He received  formal training starting at the age of 14. He wrote his first song  "Life's Insanities " at 14 well before he had learned how to play any songs. He was kicked out of Jazz band in high school for not knowing how to read music. He spent his formative years playing heavy metal music. He graduated to Delta Blues guitar around the age of 19 and started pursuing a music degree at the age of 23 in Las Cruces, NM. This is where his life changed with an instant family that he became a part of. With family in tow he moved to Wellington, Colorado and finished his music degree at Colorado State University in Fort Collins in the year 2000.

Aaron followed the path well taken after college, seeking a job in the field of his degree. This led to teaching middle school orchestra, high school guitar, orchestra,  and marching band for 5 years. At the end of those 5 years a calling to his music started to occur. This calling brought a realization that life would be very short if he could not let the music inside of him out to share with the world. He decided to give teaching one more year.

The calling began in a staff meeting when he composed his composition "Awaken". After this song 18 songs flowed out and the self published  album of guitar compositions "Gemini" was released. One night while watching a movie and feeling down about life he made a commitment to himself. If he had one internet sale of his music from the only album he released to date, by the time he finished watching the movie he was watching, he would quit his job and pursue his music full time. His music had been released for some time and there had been no activity on it. At the end of the movie he went to his accounting page on that evening of destiny to see where it was at. It was at a WHOPPING .07 cents. Here is where Aaron learned the value of a leap of faith. Handing in a letter of resignation. He has not looked back since that fateful day in 2007.

Aaron first released an album of space themes for guitar and released the album "Space Travel" On this album he toured New Mexico,  Colorado, Arizona and California. After this a new genre and style started to push his creativity. The new genre was completely different and would inspire a new band name, Aaron and the Aliens. The compositions were acoustic noise pieces, multitrack guitar compositions, with electronic keyboard improvisation. The album was "Soundscapes not for Virgin Ears."

His next season of creative activities was in the theater. He was commissioned to write incidental music and songs for two plays: Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and an original play "Love on Porpoise". He started playing music with his wife Paula in 2012. Since that time they have performed throughout the Southwest United States. They performed 33 of Aaron's original Songs and released two albums Life is Good and Shuffle.

Aaron has a bevy of original guitar compositions on which he is working. Bursting with a creative spirit, he is seeking a string quartet to work with and record his many compositions for the traditional ensemble. He is actively working on a different sort of project with a great friend. Stay tuned, the first song is nearing completion. If that was not enough to keep his mind occupied and creativity maxed out, Aaron recently returned to school to get his Masters Degree in Music Education. Aaron grew to miss sharing music with the next generation. He currently teaches elementary music in Southern New  Mexico.  Thank you for visiting and remember Aaron's motto is "Peace through Music"

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