Aaron has formally played the guitar since the age of 14. He began a love affair with the guitar at the age of seven with his first plastic disco dance guitar. He wrote his first song  "LIfe's Insanities " at 14 well before he had learned how to play any songs. He got kicked out of Jazz band in high school because he did not know how to read music for the guitar. He spent his formative years playing heavy metal music. He graduated to Delta Blues guitar around the age of 19 and started pursuing a music degree in Las Cruces NM in 1995. Spent some time moving to Colorado and finished his music degree at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Aaron made the mistake of taking advice and found himself teaching jr high orchestra and high school music for 5 years before he determined life would be very short if he could lot let the music inside of him out to share with the world. It began in a professional development meeting when he composed his composition "Awaken" He self released an album of guitar compositions "Gemini" while he was still teaching. One night while watching a movie and feeling down about his life he made a commitment to himself, if he had one internet sale of his music by the time he finished watching the movie he was watching he would quit his job and pursue his music full time. So he went to his accounting page on that evening of destiny to see where it was at. It was at a whopping .07 cents. Here is where Aaron learned the value of a leap of faith. He handed in his resignation the following day and has not looked back since. Since that fateful day 10 years ago. Aaron has composed music for guitar "Space Travel" He has composed music for guitar and electronics "Soundscapes not for Virgin Ears He has been commissioned to write incidental music to go with songs for 2 plays one  a production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and the other an original play called "Love on Porpoise". He started playing music with his wife Paula 5 years ago. Since that time they have performed throughout the Southwest United States and performed 33 of Aaron's original Songs and released their first album LIfe is Good   and are currently working on releasing their second album "Shuffle". Aaron is also putting the final touches on his next album of guitar compostions utilizing the constellations as inspiration for his 13 track album Zodiac Strings and is also seeking a string quartet to start recording his string quartet compositions.. Aaron currently works teaching elementary music and a class of guitar at the jr high school, he also teaches volunteer guitar classes in his community.

 Thank you for visiting and remember Aaron's motto is "Peace through Music"