Sunlight has been described as music that touches a prism, and all colors of the rainbow ignite to make a sound. Sunlight is Aaron Lewis and Paula Manning-Lewis a husband and wife folk duo spreading love and sunlight through their music. Aaron is a classically trained guitarist who has released two full length CDs of solo guitar music and one CD of experimental music, Aaron plays guitar, and provides backup vocals. Paula has been a visual artist for over twenty years and her paintings have traveled around the world. This is Paula’s first musical project, though she has dreamed of expressing herself through song since she was a child, Paula sings and together they write their own songs. Mixing all styles and presenting it with the tradition of folk music, Sunlight uses vocal harmonies and uplifting lyrics to bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. After traveling all over New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona and performing every where they could, Sunlight reached a point where they needed to record an album. Husband and wife duo “Sunlight” released that album “Life is Good” in November of 2015. The songs are about acceptance, love, being yourself, hard times and the gratitude they bring, Sunlight, Rain, putting your nose to the grindstone, a history lesson, the moon, and being responsible for yourself.


Paula Manning-Lewis has been a professional artist since she was 21, when she decided to stay at home with her kids. Now that her three sons are grown she has more time to devote to her passion.
She lives to be creative, it is her passion. Whether she’s painting on canvas, vinyl records, or recycling beat-up guitars; making drawings for her next coloring book, creating designs for fine art needlepoint, or creating functional pieces in fabric on a sewing machine. Art is her purpose; spreading love, joy and peace is her goal, and living her dream of making a living with her art is non-negotiable. Art isn’t only
something she does, it is a spiritual expression from the deepest part of her soul. The art Paula creates is inspired by her Divine Source through daily meditation. She is constantly aware of her intuition and enjoys trying out new forms of creative expression.

You can learn more about Paula at Paula's website

"Floating" 12x12" oil on canvas by Paula Manning-Lewis

In July of 1947 the US Government was accused of covering up the landing of an alien spacecraft in New Mexico. What they didn’t tell you was that in April of 1947 a spaceship was near Corona NM and we impregnated an earth woman with an alien seed. That woman was his grandmother and the alien implant was his mother who was born on January 17, 1948. We aliens never told her that she came from us. Instead we waited and abducted Aaron in 2006. He shared the abduction with the planet through music on his album “Space Travel” He was nervous about sharing the information but now feels it imperative to let everyone know we must have more love on this planet if we don’t want to be slated for destruction by the Vo**n. The second generation alien is currently working on his third album of solo guitar music titled “Zodiac Strings”. He has recorded two self produced albums “Gemini” and “Space Travel” For solo classical(new age) guitar and last year he released his album Aaron and the Aliens with his friends from Gimgaboob and called it “Planet One Soundscapes not for virgin ears”. In case you missed it I think he longs for Space as everything he writes has a space theme. He wants to continue to share his music with you earthlings and is very appreciative of the ones who are already supporting him. You can find his website at
PS the Roswell Incident should be changed to the Corona Incident we landed in Corona. Roswell is the military base we were transported to for our abduction. All of the information on this page is not to be taken too seriously strictly for entertainment purposes.
Aaron is also available for weddings, art openings and other events. If you want solo guitar music Aaron will be there. Contact for more info