Peace Through Music”

Aaron Lewis Guitarist

Aaron has performed in a variety of situations in his professional life from Aaron making all the decisions and performing his original compositions to being hired for an afternoon of music with the person holding the party giving Aaron a list of songs they want to hear. Aaron can and will do it all as he want's to do nothing more than share the gift of music with you!

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““This album is great for chilling out to, a cd with laid back grooves. perfect for a relaxing listen.” ”

Jay Adkins - DJ Off the Charts Radio

“Lewis is a talented musician and an inspired guitarist. I love his classical style on the guitar – it's an appealing and timeless approach. I appreciate his fresh approach and I realize that the soundtrack for space travel is bound to be a little different than the music Earthlings normally spin.”

Beeb Ashcroft -

“Take a cosmic journey with Aaron Lewis as he presents the galaxy in a new, musical way that is sure to excite your ambitions in exploring the Solar System. His latest CD entitled Space Travel takes you where no man has been in his unique blend of electronic orchestrations". ”

Kit Mcguire - KRIM FM

“A truly strange record indeed, Space Travel, from guitarist Aaron Lewis is sort of in the strange as guitar Leo Kottke school of thought. Aaron’s hypnotic instrumental six string guitar work, treated with copious amounts of strategically placed echo makes it of interest. Of note here besides Aaron’s excellent fretboard work is the CD art and packaging and quite intriguing titles descriptions and recording notes. After further investigating, some of the tracks reveal some strange electronic treatments that add unique layers of sound. A former public school guitar teacher, Lewis looks to the constellations for this album inspired by the futuristic concept of space travel. For a self-produced artist, Lewis gets a great tone and the CD is quite well recorded to boot.

unknown - MWE

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