Sunlight is very original, and unique. The tracks on their CD "Life is Good" are filled with interesting stories based on life experiences, and definitely worth listening to!”

— Jerry Ditata DJ KUPR Placitas, NM


Sunlight has been described as music that touches a prism, and all colors of the rainbow ignite to make a sound. Sunlight is a husband and wife folk duo spreading love and sunlight through their music. Aaron is a classically trained guitarist who has released two full length CDs of solo guitar music and one CD of experimental music, Aaron plays guitar, and provides backup vocals. Paula has been a visual artist for over twenty years and her paintings have traveled around the world. This is Paula’s first musical project, though she has dreamed of expressing herself through song since she was a child, Paula sings and together they write their own songs. Mixing all styles and presenting it with the tradition of folk music, Sunlight uses vocal harmonies and uplifting lyrics to bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart


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I popped the CD by local folk duo Sunlight into the player. I braced myself sufficiently—having sized up the CD's wistful cover, persistently happy song titles and the band's name—for some god-awful variety of husband and wife, Edie Brickell pukenanny. While there may be a superfluous number of joyous paeans, as well as the happiest set of song titles ever seen on one album, husband and wife Aaron Lewis and Paula Manning-Lewis temper their joy with a sound that draws from a darker period of Euro-folk music. Life is Good brings to mind a style wherein Manning’s voice resembles that of a young Sandy Denny during her tenure with Pentangle, simultaneously joyful and doom-laden. Sunlight crafts occasionally sinister, always interesting and definitely-not-Americana-styled songs that are a breath of fresh air amidst the present bombardment of “Americana” folk. I begrudge the happiness these two share, however kudos for embracing an alternate tradition. Folk fans, seek this out.

Geoffrey Plant
Review of "Life is Good" Sunlight's first album
Local Alibi vol 26 no. 6, Feb 9-15, 2017

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